Marketing and Back Office Management

We have over 15 years of experience in
marketing and managing your business.


We have been in the trenches helping clients like you for years to manage and grow their businesses. With nearly 12 years of online experience with

  • Building Sales Funnels to increase sales
  • Automating Your Business to decrease stress
  • Increasing your Social Media Influence so you can attract more clients
  • Marketing your services to the clients that really want your services.
  • Creating new ways to offer your services and help more people without having to take on more 1 on 1 clients.

When you are ready to make your business run like a well-oiled machine and have the extra time to DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE– we are here.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels and let us get your business running effortlessly like clockwork!

We will treat your business as if it was our own.


We Will Take Your Currency

We offer payments in AUD, GBP, Euro, USD, and even Bitcoin.


Professional Work

Since Johnna and Valerie are the only people that will be assisting you, that means we can offer FAST turnaround times and QUALITY work.


Small Client Base

We promise you will never hear “we are too busy” or put you on the back burner.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, We Can Help.

We offer all of the following services for 1 LOW Monthly Price.

Strategy & Implementation

Together we create a plan for your speaker process or we tweak your existing one to make it more efficient and effective.

Copywriting Strategy and Graphics

Create a copywriting strategy to reflect your products and showcase your presentations. We also can create quality graphics to make your brand shine.

Audience Analytics

Monthly breakdown of your metrics for all things pertaining to your events, social media, and email marketing. Because without the stats, how do you know the plan is working?

Search Engine Optimization

We will research all SEO and hashtags and then complete a breakdown of the suggested ones to use. We then will incorporate those keywords in monthly blog posts, social media, and YouTube descriptions.

Website Maintenance

Whether you are looking to tweak and adjust website copy to allow you and your products and services to shine, or a new page altogether, we can make it happen. Have a Web person? No problem, we can work side by side with them to make sure your desired changes are in place. We also can post your blogs and other materials to your website.

Email Marketing

We do all of the setup and maintenance of your list building and engagements. We will make sure to keep you in front of all the right people to get you booked. We also will create engaging content to make sure your lists want to open your emails.

Sharing Event Information and Funnels

We will take care of highlighting and sharing all of your events and speaking engagements. If you are doing a launch of a new program/service/topic, we will make sure your audience has all of the details. We can also create all your sales funnels.

Social Media Management

Whether you are looking for us to create a plan to add to your existing social media or overhaul it completely and start over to attract your ideal audience and events we gotcha covered. We even handle all of the creation and postings after the plan and strategy in place.

Our Clients


We Provide Custom Services With YOU and YOUR BRAND In Mind.


Implementing software to make running your business a breeze


Creating the perfect social media marketing strategy that will make your competitors jealous


Designing sales and email funnels that will engage your customers and get them to buy more


Planning, strategizing, and implementing the best courses of action to grow your sales and outreach.


Implementing and maintaining membership sites and ecommerce stores.

Receive Personalized and Professional Attention


With our certifications and expertise, we specialize in Sales Funnels and Social Media Marketing.


We recently just helped a client to rank number 9 in Twitter’s Global Gurus Brand Top 30. Last year she was 15!!


We LOVE working with professionals who are ready to invest in their businesses and let go of the reigns of the day to day chaos of running an online company.


We have over 25 certifications in the marketing and automation areas. With this knowledge and our expertise, we help professional owners navigate the online world.


Formerly Certified in:

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