Who are we

In 2001 Valerie moved to Mexico with her husband and family. Soon after she started Computers101 which started by offering in home computer repair services. A few months later, Joel and Johnna left Texas to move to Mexico and soon met and joined Valerie. With the addition of Joel, Johnna’s husband, Computers 101 was also able to add web design and computer teaching services. After growing the company to over 2000 clients, it was closed in 2009 so that they could tend to a dying family member.

After the passing of Valerie’s mom, Johnna and Valerie then founded Your Virtual Assistants in 2010. Your Virtual Assistants provided virtual services, Online Business Management Social Media and Internet Marketing Services to women Coaches and Speakers.

Although we loved working with the coaching industry our passion was with the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. We decided in 2017 to close Your Virtual Assistants and to begin following our passion in helping our truly aligned audience.

In 2018, they founded The Online Business Gurus. The OBGs’ mission is to show startup businesses who want an online presence or well-established businesses that want to expand their online sales, the foundational steps they need in the online world. The OBGs will install the necessary systems in their business to market their products and services to business owners and create the strong foundation they need to build their success.

What We Do

With our certifications and expertise, we specialize in Sales Funnels and Social Media Marketing. We know that with these 2 building blocks are the base of an online business owner’s foundation, they can sustain their business and truly make money in the online world.

We recently just helped a client to rank number 9 in Twitter’s Global Gurus Brand Top 30. Last year she was 15!!

We want to show you a new way to make money smarter without chaos. Let’s face it, you want to live more and work less. Even in times of COVID, people are even more desperate for your help. We can show you a SMARTER way to offer your services and help even more people with fewer hours.

Where We Are Going

In 2018, we founded The Online Business Gurus. The OBGs mission is to show professional businesses who want, and now need, an online presence, the foundational steps they need in the online world. The OBGs will build and/or manage your teams, install systems. and market your products and services so you can create the strong foundation you need to build your success.

When Do You Need Us?

Once an online business is up and running and making a profit is one of the best times to start to consider looking for additional assistance. Sales funnels allow a business to grow their sales while social media allows them to grow their influence and attract clients. Whether it be just advising and evaluating ways to modify your funnels or offering you a complete done-for-you packages we are here to help you.



Who We Serve

We have over 17 certifications in the marketing and automation areas. With this knowledge and our expertise, we help professional owners navigate the online world. We have heard all of the horror stories and are TIRED of the bullshit that is out there in the online marketplace. We strive to offer FAIR pricing, honest answers, quality work in a timely manner. We live by this pledge and foundation. When you hire us, you hire ONLY Johnna and Valerie will tend to your businesses. We promise NO outside VAs will work on your business. That means we can promise you VIP treatment without paying VIP prices. We can also promise you quick turnaround times and you will never hear “we are too busy” to serve you.

Why we do it

We LOVE working with professionals who are ready to invest in their businesses and let go of the reigns of the day to day chaos of running an online company. Whether you have been in business for just a few short years or for 20+ years, we know the importance of proper sales funnels, nurturing prospects, and engaging the social audiences. We want our clients to do more of what they love, not have to pull their hair out learning the tech side of the business. We KNOW your work is NEEDED now more than ever and we WANT to help you HELP OTHERS.

How to hire us

Simple, just book a call. Let’s really talk about your needs, what your goals are and your budget. Together we can find the perfect package for you.


Happy Clients

I began using Johnna as my VA in 2011. Back the I did not have my “booking speaker processes” in place. Johnna helps me create all my agreements, contracts, and forms. WE created a Letter of Agreement LOA, deposit forms, final payment forms, and expenses. We worked on a travel process, and the after the speech follow-ups. It’s 2019 and I am still using our process. She knows the “Back-End” of the Speaker Business better the I do!
- Karen McCullough, CSP

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