Just a few of our happy customers

Mary Meston
High Performance Coach

Alysa Rushton
Get Clients with Speaking

Brittany Laine

Elaine Batho
Healing, Fit and Wellness

Kenneth Darryl Brown

Sales Coach

I can’t say enough about The Online Business Gurus. Whether it’s creating a new logo, presentation, web page, ebook, newsletter or social media action plan, no task is too big or small. They can do it all! They created systems to help me drive more leads, increase my sales conversion, control my sales cost and reduce my business expenses. Ultimately, this is improving my sales and profitability. Being former business owners in technology, they are a perfect fit for my B2B consulting company. They are my business-life savers. I couldn’t take my company to the next level without their support and help. Thank you, The Online Business Gurus.

Karen McCullough, CSP
Keynote Speaker
Opens Conferences Meetings and Minds

I began using the Online Business Gurus in 2011. Back then I did not have my “booking speaker processes” in place. The OBGs help me create all my agreements, contracts, and forms. WE created a Letter of Agreement LOA, deposit forms, final payment forms, and expenses. We worked on a travel process, and the after the speech follow-ups. It’s 2019 and I am still using our process. They knows the “Back-End” of the Speaker Business better the I do! Their opinions I use in my marketing pieces, and they me look fantastic on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Clients have expressed how delightful they are to work with and that reflects back to my brand. I look forward to many years ahead together!

Jen MacFarlane

Transformational Coach

The Online Busienss Gurus are amazing in so many ways! I’m a creative transformation coach and before working with this team I was wasting all of my time trying to figure out how to connect all the techy systems for my launch! The OBGs made my sales page, connected all my email marketing, hooked up to my webinars and even wrote my emails for my launch! So I could focus on what I needed to focus on! CREATING! Seriously, I totally recommend these guys for your next project. Thanks so much!

More happy customers

Sue Leonard


The Online Business Gurus worked with our staff and volunteers to update and rearrange our website to make it easier for visitors, donors and volunteers to find the necessary information. Theyresponded quickly, were patient with fluctuating requests and continued to make needed changes until we were happy with the site. They did all of this at no cost to us. The services this team provided were invaluable especially as we implemented an electronic application this year for the first time. Many thanks to The OBGs for all of the work they have done.

Ally Machate

Book Editor

Running a business brings with it many sources of stress, but with The Online Business Gurus on my side, I’ve crossed “worrying about things falling apart” off the list. I just took a two-week cruise completely off the grid and never worried once about my business, which kept on humming without me thanks to these ladies. If you want reliability and true support, you want The OBGs.

Ken Teater


My phone calls related to my website, Google, etc. has recently picked up. Usually my referrals were from attorneys I know, but lately they have been from new attorneys and the people locate me on Google.

Great work on the SEO!

Mary Buchan
Midlifestyle RNventor

I have really enjoyed working with The Online Business Gurus and have been very happy and satisfied with their DFY services. I would highly recommend them to others. They are quick, well-organized, well-spoken, flexible and provide great customer service. I believe everyone with an online presence would benefit from using the OBGs.

Crystal Washington

Marketing Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker

“I have used The Online Business Gurus for a little over four years now. They are amazing! They are detail oriented, always make deadlines and are amazingly friendly. Most important, they anticipate your needs. If you need virtual services, I HIGHLY recommend the OBGs!”

Ellie Nieves

Leadership Speaker and Coach

Quality work and professionalism with an aim to please – this is how I would sum up my experience working with The Online Business Gurus. I am very happy with the work they have produced for my marketing materials. I highly recommend The OBGs.

Dana M. Galante, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Clinical Director and Supervisor
Collaborative Marriage & Family

The Online Business Guru have been a pleasure to work with for the past several years. They are extremely reliable, adaptable and thorough. Our non-profit organization restructured over the past two years, causing numerous changes to their workload. They have handled each task with ease, clear communication and follow through. It’s with confidence that I recommend The OBGs services.


Emma K. Viglucci, CFT, LMFT, CIT

Personal Development &

Johnna has been my right hand for many years in all things technology and marketing, and a wonderful addition to our team. She is conscientious, reliable, loyal and trustworthy. Highly recommend her to support your projects.

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